Family Tree

Letter To The Morgans

May 8, 2007

Dear Morgan,

Hello my name is Rikisha Morgan and I am trying to complete my family tree. My family is from around Marks, Ms. I am not from Mississippi nor have I ever been to Mississippi so I am going off old stories. I have been doing research for 13 years.  I am 25 years old and I have a son. I want to complete a tree for him. I don’t know any Morgan’s besides my immediate family. Finding them is very, very important to me. I feel empty because I feel like a big piece of me is missing. I have a big family out there somewhere and I am going to find them. I just want to know them.


If you’re wondering how I found you?  I looked in the phone book. I am sending a letter to every Morgan within 150 miles of Marks, Ms in hopes of finding a family member or someone who knows my family.

What do I want from you?  I just want your help, if any can be given, please. If any of these names sound familiar or you know an elder that might know someone please help me.


My great-great grandfather’s name was Samuel Morgan and he married Laura Timber Jones. After moving from Connecticut, they settled in Marks, MS. , and had eleven children, one of whom was my great- grandfather Richard Morgan.  My great-grandfather (Richard) married Cora Essie Williams (daughter of John & Alice Miles Williams). They had a son, my grandfather, Clarence Oliver Morgan who would now be 102.  Clarence moved to Memphis, TN as a teenager.  He later married Marguerite Taplin from Como, MS.  They lived in Memphis until the time of their deaths,  Clarence in 1958 and Marguerite in 1963.They had three children, one of which is my father Richard Laurence Morgan, now 51.   My paternal great-grandfather was also named Richard,  lived between Marks, MS and Chicago, IL until his death in Memphis, TN in 1958.  He may have been involved with Bessie Smith.  My grandmother Cora Word remarried (John Word), and along with her parents, Joe and Alice Miles Williams, and her brother and his wife and child,  Bud, Modena and Louise Williams, moved to Muskogee, OK about 1922.


Samuel and Laura had 11 children:

                                                Wesley Morgan born 1870 in Marks, MS

                                                John Morgan born in 1874 in Marks, MS

                                                Lucy Morgan born in 1875 in Marks, MS

                                                Sallie Morgan born in 1876 in Marks, MS

                                                Richard Morgan born in 1879 in Marks, MS  (My grandfather)

                                                Mary Morgan born in 1882 in Marks, MS

                                                Bettie Morgan born in 1886 in Marks, MS

                                                Benjamin Morgan born in 1888 in Marks, MS

                                                Edward Morgan born in 1891 in Marks, MS

                                                Leona (Rosie) Morgan born in 1893 in Marks, MS

                                                Fred Morgan born in 1896 in Marks, MS



I know that Sallie Morgan married a Walter Scott and they had 4 children:


                                                Annie Scott born in 1903

                                                Sam Scott born in 1904

                                                Elexy Scott born in 1904

                                                Walter Scott born in 1908


I believe that Lucy Morgan married a man with the last name Spencer. I haven’t found anything proving this yet.


I got this information form the census records for Coahoma County from 1870-1930. Again if anything sounds familiar or you can give me some input please share it with me. Please!

My information is below:


                        Rikisha Morgan

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****You can call me collect if you need to****


Thank you for your time,

Rikisha L. Morgan