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Subject: Moving On
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2006 11:03:40 -0700

Hi all,

Some of you already know but for those who don't, Mel, her family, and
I have decided to leave the bay area and return to the MD/DC metro area.
In addition, I've decided to take some much needed time off from work and
so I will be on leave of absence from Philips until the end of the year -
after that; who knows. My move date is now being dictated by when I sell my
house. It's been on the market for about a month now and I can tell
you that all of the news stories telling of the decline in the housings
market are correct. I'm hopeful that I'll sell it soon but right now it's a
totally different market than this time last year. So, until I get
settled back east I can be reached at: and at the
following phone number - (510) 813-6742.

Will keep you posted on my progress. In the meantime, feel free to
give me a call - I've got lots of free time these days.

My love to all,


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